Monday, October 28, 2013

Listoween Competition 2013

Ghouls and goblins and ghosts, oh my! With Halloween fast approaching we here at Listicle are getting prepped for a night of TERROR. And we hope you are too! In fact, we want to see just how Halloweeny you really are. Have some recipes for tasty treats to share? How about a list of the scariest costumes? Or, what are the top ten essentials for a blood curdling, bone chilling Halloween party? We want to know!

And the best part? We’ve got PRIZES! What’s that you say? You heard us, PRIZES!

First prize: $100 Amazon gift card
Second prize: $75 Amazon gift card
Third prize: $50 Amazon gift card

To get more likes, share your lists on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr and everywhere! Sharing is caring! (Except when it comes to Halloween candy of course).

The contest starts October 21, 2013 and runs till November 3rd, 2013. This way you’ve got enough time to snap some pics for a 2013 costume list or create a post-Halloween list like, “Best Ways to Cure a Sugar Rush”.

And most importantly, you’ve got a couple extra days to get enough likes, comments, and relists. Get your friends involved - there are Amazon gift cards at stake!!!

Important Rules & Regulations: Only 3 unique winners will be chosen. These 3 winners can be from anywhere in the world! You may list multiple different lists but only your best #Listoween2013 list will be chosen for the contest. All interactions with your lists must be done with verified accounts (i.e. verified email addresses). We reserve the rights to disqualify any list we see unfit (for e.g. fake interactions by fake accounts, fake buzz created by automated tools or accounts that don't follow the terms and conditions of Listicle).

Have fun listing and Happy Listoween!

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