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Why Vehicle Transport Companies for Car Dealerships Are so Important

Entrusting your fleet of cars to the right vehicle shipping companies is one of the most important and vital decisions you can make as the owner of a car dealership.  Essentially, you are putting your entire stock into the hands of another company once, twice or even thirty times a month depending on the size of your dealership. Vehicle shipping is a major deal in any dealership’s day to day affairs, from shipping to receiving, so ensuring that you have the best vehicle transport company working on your side will make all the difference in your success.

There are two sides to vehicle shipping when it comes to car dealerships, so let’s explore both to better help you make the right decision.  After all, without vehicle transport, you’d quickly run out of things to sell (unless the Air Freshener business is good)!

Vehicle Transport for Car Dealers Buying Inventory

According to studies, there are over 250 million cars sold each year in the United States alone.  That number consists of both new and used cars.  Estimates put car dealerships at around 60,000 lots, both new and used or both.  Because of the large percentage of these cars which are bought at auto auctions on one coast and shipped to the other, most inventory requires vehicle shipping at one point or another. 

For example, some of the larger auto auctions in the country occur at places like Manheim, Odessa and IAA.  Chances are that you’re not located near some of these, but certainly notall of them.  At one point or another, you’re going to find some deals at vehicle auctions that are just too good to pass up, and when you do, vehicle transport companies will be sure to come into play. 

In order to get your car from the auction to the lot, use vehicle shipping carriers which will eliminate your headaches by providing you with safe, fast and dependable vehicle transport services at an affordable price.

Vehicle Transport for Car Dealers Selling Cars

With the implementation and growth of the Internet age, car sales don’t just happen on the lot anymore.  With sites like eBay and Auto Trader changing the way we think about new and used car sales, we must also change the way we thing about vehicle shipping.  Whereas it used to be that vehicle transport companies were only an incoming service for professional car dealerships, it is now the case that cars are often shipped out of dealership lots.

For this, you’ll want to turn to a trusted vehicle shipping company that can ensure that no matter where a customer makes a purchase from, you can deliver on that sale safely, quickly and to their satisfaction.

And because you take advantage of vehicle shipping options on the Internet, you’ll immediately expand the reach of your customer base by exponentially mind-blowing amounts.  Cornering the local market is nothing if you’ve got the state and national markets tapping into your inventory.  By using trusted vehicle transport companies, you will be able to ensure that your online customers have the confidence in your company to make purchases at free will, knowing that you can provide them the car anywhere in the country within days.

And you can do that, but only with vehicle shipping companies.

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Finding The Right Vehicle Shipping Companies for You
If you’d like to think bigger and better with your car dealership business; if you want to increase the scope of your sales, raising revenue beyond your wildest dreams, go to vehicle transport to learn how one of the top vehicle shipping companies in the nation can work with you on pricing and quotes today!

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and Your Car Transporters

Your car is your baby, and of all people who you think would understand that, in this case, the government does. Shocking, we know! But it’s true. The government mandated Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) was established in the year 2000 to ensure that car transport companies have a strict set of guidelines to follow when it comes to transporting your car. Meeting these nationally mandated and federally regulated guidelines should be one of the first things you look for when choosing car transport companies.

The FMCSA is a shoot-off of the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) and was created pursuant to the Motor Carrier Safety Improvement Act of 1999. Prior to this, not all car transporters were practicing the safety that you can now expect from car transport companies. With over 1,000 employees across all 50 states, the FMCSA ensures that the car transporters and bussing and trucking industries practice safety which will not only reduce property damage, but save lives as well.

The primary mission of the FMCSA is to reduce injuries and fatalities due to automobile crashes and accidents which involve large trucks and buses. This includes car transport carriers.

Choosing FMCSA Following Car Transport Companies Means Safety

The top car transport companies will strictly adhere to these guidelines put forth by the FMCSA in order to provide you with the best car transport services. By following nationwide standards, a car transport company will be able to ensure:
  • Affordable car transport rates
  • The safety your car and other drivers on the road deserve
  • The most efficient way to transport your car any amount of distance
What Are Some Of The Implementations of FMCSA and USDOT Regulations?

Some of the codes which the best car transport companies adhere strictly to which were put into motion by the FMCSA and USDOT are:
  • The development and enforcing of regulations which were put in place based on data acquired over years of study which balance out the car transporters safety and efficacy. In essence, these allow for the optimum balance of safety and efficiency when it comes to transporting your car.
  • Constructing targeted educational messages to the drivers of car transport carriers as well as other commercial drivers and the general public
  • Making sure that safety informational systems focus on the high risk car transport carriers (specific model carriers and/or companies with a high accident rate) in order to better enforce safety regulations
  • Partnering with stakeholders including federal, state, and local enforcement agencies, the motor carrier industry, safety groups, and organized labor on efforts to reduce bus and truck-related crashes.
FMCSA Safety and Your Car Transporters

Because the FMCSA requires that cargo insurance policies be in place for car transport trailers, making sure that the car transporters you choose to entrust your automobile to offer cargo insurance is vital. Further, making sure that the car transport professionals you choose are authorized to operate on the roads of North America by way of permit is essential to not only your car’s safety, but other motorists as well.

Choosing a car transporter that pays strict attention to the FMCSA codes will ensure that their focus is on delivering your car safely and securely, not jam packing as many cars as they can onto one trailer to cut down on costs and increase profits. Instead, car transport companies that follow the FMCSA's regulations to the letter provide you with something much more valuable to them than money: carrier confidence which promotes repeat business.

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Finding A FMCSA Regulated Car Transporter

If you value your car’s safety and those on the road around you, click here right now to find the top car transporters in the nation.

How Using Car Shipping Companies Can Save You From Jail

Consider this one of those “lesson learned” moments in life that you don’t have to go through yourself. You get the benefit of learning the lesson without going through the actual actions. I, on the other hand, wasn’t so lucky. But that’s why I’m trying to get the word out to others who may be in the same situation (or business) I was; a business that required car shipping from one state to another due to the large volume of cars needed in either one of my two car dealership locations.

You see, I thought I’d be smart and save a few dollars on car shipping rates by eliminating the car shipping companies and hauling them myself. I purchased an out of commission car shipping trailer for fairly cheap at an auto auction, hooked it to the back of my diesel-fueled truck and off I went.

The first twenty or so trips went off without a hitch. Now, granted, I was doing most of my car shipping at night, so that may have been the reason I wasn’t stopped. But, regardless of the reason, the fact is that I wasn’t. But, what happened next shocked me, and probably will do the same to you if you’ve been avoiding car shipping companies like I was.


One day, while shipping my cars from my bigger lot to my smaller lot after a good weekend of sales, I was pulled over by a highway patrolman who asked for my license, registration and USDOT number. He also asked why the USDOT number wasn’t displayed and which of the car shipping companies I worked for.

I handed over my license and registration and laughed, explaining that I did my own car shipping so as to avoid car shipping rates from car shipping companies. Unfortunately, he didn’t share my same amusement from my thrifty ingenuity and asked me to stay in the cab while he went back to his car.

To make a long story short, I soon found out that there are federal and state rules which regulate the car shipping industry. Because I was considered to be operating a commercial vehicle and hauling cargo, I was informed that I was in some trouble.

Car Shipping Regulations

After pleading my case, I was let off with a hefty fine and had my cars impounded, a harsh lesson, but better than going to jail, I suppose. The only way I avoided that was by promising that I’d look into car shipping laws and start using car shipping companies next time. I promptly did so.

What I found out was that if you’re operating a truck for private purposes, regardless of trailer attachment or not, there are still regulations you must follow. But since I was operating it for business purposes, there were a whole slew of things I was doing wrong.

Most importantly, you need to have a USDOT number printed on the cab of each car shipping carrier. This ensures that the car shipping carrier is working for legitimate car shipping companies and is not price gouging or undercutting current standard car shipping rates. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration puts it this way:

“Companies that operate commercial vehicles transporting passengers or hauling cargo in interstate commerce must be registered with the FMCSA…The USDOT Number serves as a unique identifier when collecting and monitoring a company’s safety information acquired during audits, compliance reviews, crash investigations, and inspections.”

Then I saw how much a USDOT number cost. Well, that was enough for me to finally bite the bullet and go with professional car shipping companies.

To my surprise, when I got the car shipping quotes, it was actually less than I was spending hauling the cars myself; and that’s not including the fines and costs!

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Finding What I Found Out The Hard Way

So, if you want to avoid all the headache and hassle I encountered, do yourself a favor and click here right now. This is THE best car shipping company I found. Not only are the prices the best, but the quality of service and speed of delivery is better than I could have ever done myself!

Getting Auto Shipping Quotes for Shipping a Car is Easier Than Ever

Shipping a car has never been easier. With almost all of the major car shipping services now offering online auto shipping quotes, you can find out how much shipping a car will cost you almost instantly. This is much better than the old way where standard rates would apply, often winding up costing you more upon delivery due to “extra charges” that were most likely just added on hidden fees which were planned from the beginning.

But now, thanks to the globalization of the car shipping services market on the Internet along with the establishment of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) in the year 2000 to ensure that car transport companies have a strict set of guidelines to follow when it comes to auto shipping quotes and safety, the power to find the best deal is in your hands.

Auto Shipping Quotes

To start off with, most auto shipping websites will offer you a chart in which you can input the following information to help better assess your auto shipping quotes’ accuracy:
  • Car make and model
  • Year car was manufactured
  • Running condition of the car
  • Pickup location
  • Delivery location
  • Time frame delivery is needed
  • Delivery options
  • Transportation options (open or enclosed: more on that in a bit)
And that’s pretty much all they need. Input that information and your auto shipping quotes should be on their way to your email address, often times within the hour. Some auto shipping quotes will even be calculated onsite with some of the bigger transport companies. This is because their database for makes/models and years of cars is so extensive, chances are they’ve shipped a car in the past that was almost exactly identical to yours.

Options In Shipping That Effect Auto Shipping Quotes

But not all auto shipping quotes will be instantly deliverable. That’s because there are a few options which might make your quote more or less, depending on the circumstances. Let’s take a look at two in order to give you a better understanding of how car shipping services calculate their auto shipping quotes:
  • Enclosed versus open shipping:There are two types of carriers that car shipping services use when shipping a car: enclosed and open. Chances are you’ve probably seen them both on the road while driving; you just didn’t know what they were called until now. An open shipping carrier is one in which you can see the cars. They carriers themselves often look like the structure of a bridge and are painted bright colors like neon green for visibility. While this option is cheaper, it does open your car up to flying debris damage that may occur on the road. Most people don’t pay much mind to this as cars encounter that same risk on their own everyday while you drive around in them. But owners of classic cars and exotic cars normally prefer enclosed carriers when shipping a car. That’s because the pristine condition of these cars directly dictate their value, making them require more protection from the outside elements. Of course, you pay an increased amount from this added protection.
  • Boats/Heavy Equipment/Etc. Of course, car shipping services may charge you more than they do for shipping a car if the vehicle is equipment, a boat, a large truck or something of the sort. Then again, since these require special shipping conditions, it’s fairly easy to see why this would be.
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Finding The Best Auto Shipping Quotes

So, if you’re ready to get your auto shipping quotes today, even if you’re just pricing car shipping services, click here right now to get a free, no-obligation quote from one of the best transport companies around.


About Asbestos

Asbestos is a fibrous mineral that occurs naturally in the environment and has been used extensively in thousands of products since the last century. It is resistant to heat and corrosion and, because it is a fiber, it can be weaved into other materials. Because of these characteristics asbestos was often mixed with other materials. As a result, many products and building materials contained asbestos. Older homes and buildings, especially those built before the mid-1970’s, may contain asbestos in some of their building materials, especially around boilers, ceiling tiles, sprayed coatings, pipe insulation, and conduit.

There are three kinds of asbestos, known as white, blue and brown. Chrysotile or"White" asbestos is acquired from serpentine rocks and is the most commonly used in industry. In the United States, chrysotile was most extensively used and was present in a wide variety of materials. Amosite or the Brown asbestos is commonly found in South Africa. The third type is"Blue" asbestos or Crocidolite.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, International Agency for Research on Cancer and the EPA have classified asbestos as a known human carcinogen or a substance that causes cancer. In 1989, the EPA issued the Asbestos Ban and Phase Out Rule. This rule was overturned in the case of Corrosion Proof Fittings v. EPA, 947 F.2d 1201 (5th Cir. 1991). Unfortunately, this ruling leaves many consumer products that can still legally contain trace amounts of asbestos.

The position of most health authorities is that if asbestos is left undisturbed and its fibers are not airborne then it poses little danger. However, once fibers become airborne and are “friable” and can be ingested or inhaled then it is dangerous and can lead to asbestos-related diseases such as asbestosis and lung cancer. Why is it so dangerous? One theory has to do with fiber size. Asbestos fibers are microscopic and the body is ill-equip to filter out such small particles. The fibers can them become lodged in the lungs and other organs where they can set the stage for disease many decades later.

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To find out more about asbestos and how it can cause Mesothelioma please visit the website where you can download a free book with all of the relevant information.

Disclaimer: The information in this article is for educational and informational purposes only. The content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. Never disregard professional medical advice or delay in seeking it because of something you have read in this article.

Choosing Your Timing Wisely - Talking With A Loved One About An Alcohol Rehab Center In Texas

There may never be an exact “right time” for approaching a loved one about seeking help from an alcohol rehab center, but by understanding a few guidelines, you can surely improve your chances of gaining a favorable reaction. In fact, if you approach someone about attending an alcohol recovery center at the wrong time, you could cause the exact opposite effect from which you were hoping. Individuals can be testy and volatile when broaching a sensitive subject such as alcoholism. To better help you attain the desired effect, follow these simple guidelines.


The number one best time to approach someone about alcohol recovery programs is when they admit they have a problem or show a want for help.  Of course, this isn’t the most brilliant of insights here, but it does carry such significant weight in the decision of an alcoholic to attend recovery centers.

When someone admits that they need help with a drug or alcohol addiction, it is an opportunity to reach out and offer them assistance.  It is hard for someone, anyone, to admit they need help with something they feel is taking control of their lives.  For some, it is a near impossible feat to admit.  Take advantage of any sign of admission and approach the addict gently.  Tell them you will be there with them every step of the way and you take the initiative to contact an alcohol recovery center in Texas for them.

Law Troubles

Another excellent time to bring up the possibility of entering one of the many top alcohol rehab centers in Texas is when someone gets into legal troubles due to their drinking.  This can indicate that the person no longer values their own lives or the rules that govern others.  The danger presented here is a cry out for help as the addict acts out against not only themselves, but society at large. 

At times, a court could even mandate the attendance of an alcohol recovery center, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring it up first.  A person can even avoid a jail sentence by seeking out an alcohol treatment center in Austin.  Further, the increased vulnerability from the pending loss of freedom jail time carries with it could be a potential factor that tips the scales towards someone seeking help.

Social behaviors

When an alcoholic is caught in a lie or stealing from friends, family and loved ones, their shame level is increased, making it a particularly good time to intervene.  These behaviors are actually a cry for help and should not be ignored under any circumstances.  Doing so makes you an enabler, one of the key types of people in an addict’s life who allows them to continue their abuse of themselves, their body and most importantly, you.

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Finding The Right Alcohol Recovery Center In Texas

While there are many alcohol recovery centers throughout the United States, Texas is lucky enough to have one of the top rehab centers around.  If you’re looking for the best of the best when it comes to an alcohol recovery center, Austin has the best one in the state.  Click here to find out some more great information that can help you bring your loved one back to a life of permanent sobriety.

Crossing The Line From Experimentation To Addiction - When Is Drug Rehab Center In Texas An Option?

Because of the increased exposure to drugs during the baby boomer generation and generations X, Y and Z, many children and teens today grew up in a household where drugs were discussed openly. Additionally, television shows and movies glorify drug use, so many think it’s okay to experiment.

And in truth, for some, it can be totally normal to experiment with different things. The teenage years are a perfect time for that. But when does experimentation cross the line into addiction? And when might it be time to begin looking at the drug rehab centers in Texas?

Knowing What To Look For

The signs of drug addiction are fairly easy to spot if you know what to look for. While the earlier signs may be easy to miss, they are the most important to pick up because the earlier you have an intervention, the sooner you can confront the addict about their drug or alcohol addiction.

Early Warning Signs Of Drug Addiction

It is extremely important that you be honest with yourself here. If you or any other loved one are experiencing any of these signs, beginning to look at a drug recovery center in Texas is strongly recommended.
  • Using drugs every weekend or each day after school
  • Including drugs in all social functions and gatherings
  • The feeling that things are more fun with drugs to the point where you don’t do anything without them
  • Making drugs a priority (i.e. not going to hang out because there are no drugs)
  • Being broke due to drug purchases
  • When experimentation isn’t just at a party; it’s your every day
  • Using more than one drug at a time
  • Pressuring others to use drugs with you
  • Only hanging around people who do drugs
  • Denying drug problems
  • Saying to yourself, “I can quit at any time”
  • Hiding your drug use from friends
  • Feeling embarrassed if others were to find out you are taking drugs
  • Falling behind on schoolwork
  • Sleeping all day
  • The increased need to be alone
  • The feeling of insatiability for drugs
  • Binging for days
Later Warning Signs of Drug Addiction

Because drug addiction is serious due to the addictive nature and feelings of euphoria, there really is no middle stage of warning signs. If you or your child is experiencing any of the following, it is certainly past time to consider a drug recovery center in Texas today. The state has some of the best drug rehab centers, including the top drug recovery center in Austin (see link below).
  • Lying to cover up reasons why responsibilities are shirked or about drug use
  • Stealing to support drug habit
  • Changes in grooming habits and appearance
  • Mood swings
  • Poor grades
  • Complete change of lifelong friends
  • Quitting sports, clubs or other extracurricular activities
  • Crime
  • Taking drugs alone
  • Needing drugs to feel normal
  • Cycling drugs (uppers to get up, downers to sleep, etc.)
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The Best Drug Rehab Center In Austin

If you feel that things on this list apply to you, you owe it to yourself, your parents and your future children to contact a drug recovery program. For the best drug recovery center in Austin, click here now.

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Things To Consider When Installing A Fence Besides Whether It Should Be An Aluminum Fence or a Vinyl Fence

So, you’re thinking about installing a fence. Those nosy neighbors finally did it this time. Or maybe their dog did it one too many times. Whatever the case, whether it’s to keep other people’s things out (noses, dogs, eyes) or to keep your stuff in (children, pets, sanity), choosing to build a fence leaves you with one big, resounding question. No, we’re not talking about choosing between a vinyl fence and an aluminum fence (though we will in a minute); we’re talking about how is the fence going to get up there?
Well, in the interest of time (yours AND ours) to sum it up, you have three good options:
  1. Have a professional fencing company install your fence for you
  2. Build your own fence from scratch and install it yourself
  3. Have a professional ship you the assembled fence parts in sections and you install it those yourself
Now, these three options seem fairly straight forward. One lets you sit back and do nothing, affording you quality without much personal satisfaction. The second offers you immense personal satisfaction but may see your quality suffer (no offense, we just don’t know too many professional fence builders who search for fence articles on the Internet). And lastly, you can have a blend of professional quality and personal satisfaction.
For most, the choice is fairly easy already, but just in case it isn’t, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each before we figure out if you need a vinyl fence or aluminum fence.

Professional Fence Installation

Here, the pros are fairly obvious:
  • You get to sit around and watch television while your fence is installed
  • You can expect a quality fence or at least a warranty that tells you that you can expect one
  • Did we mention sitting around doing nothing?
But it’s the cons that surprise most people in this category:
  • You typically have to deal with two groups of professionals here: the estimators and the builders
  • The estimators don’t talk to the builders so costs normally run over estimates
  • Waiting for the estimators to come takes a week or two
  • Waiting for the estimators to send the builders the specs takes another one or two weeks
  • The builders then wait for the supplies and the proper scheduling, taking two more weeks
  • The fence takes a few more weeks to install
Okay, so professional installation looks great if you want to sit around and do nothing while your fence takes a few months to build, during which, that privacy you wanted? Forget about it.

Building Your Own Fence

Here, there are really only the obvious pros:
  • You get to go out there and build your vision
  • You get to work with your hands on the lay of the land
  • If you have children to help, they’re good, free labor. Or quality time. (It’s all in the labeling.)
  • Every time you look at that fence, you can be proud (if it makes it past the wind)
The cons? Well, you know them:
  • What do you really know about building a fence?
  • Costs are often far off budget with your first fence
  • What do you really know about building a fence?
Okay, so unless you have a few months, a lot of patience and some extra money, this one is out.

The Best Of Both Worlds: Pre-made Fences You Install 

So, let’s take the best of the above pros:
  • Getting dependable quality you can afford
  • Working with your hands
  • Receiving the fence quickly and installing at the speed you want
  • Having something sturdy and effective that you can be proud of
And look at the cons:
  • Your kids may charge you for the help
And see that it’s as easy as choosing between a vinyl fence and an aluminum fence: a vinyl fence is better for aesthetics and an aluminum fence is better for security (told you we’d talk about it)!

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Where to Order the Best Professional Pre-Made Fence 

So, if you’re ready for the best of both worlds, whether you go with the aluminum fence or the vinyl fence, click here right now to save money and receive free shipping on professional, guaranteed fences!

What To Look For In Arizona Boarding Schools Teaching

If your child needs a little extra help due to his or her ADD/ADHD, looking into Arizona boarding schools is the right decision. That’s because unlike other schools, high school boarding schools are designed and equipped to cater to your child’s learning needs. This means providing them with the best environment for learning, specialized courses and lesson plans and offering a unique level of advanced support techniques administered by a trained staff.  What this all amounts to is the best learning experience your child can possibly have, and it all takes place in only the best Arizona boarding schools. 

While many are inclined to look for a boarding school for boys or a boarding school for girls, studies show that coed boarding schools offer students an easier transition from the normal social life of a typical high school into the highly structured and more focused learning experience they will receive at boarding school.  But that’s far from the most important thing; let’s take a look at what is: the way your child will be learning how to succeed at his or her boarding school. 

Top Things to Look For with Teaching Programs in Boarding Schools 

The first thing you should look for in boarding school programs is a limited class size. Most top boarding schools in Arizona will only allow ten to fifteen students per class, the lower the better. This gives your child the best chance to succeed under the proper guidance and ensures that your child will be given adequate attention by their teacher. This also reassures you that your money is going to the proper uses: ensuring your child will receive individually tailored learning programs which address their specific needs. 

Next, and especially important in boarding schools that specialize in ADD/ADHD, is that the school tests all new, incoming students right away.  The best boarding schools in Arizona will do this even as early as orientation to assure that each child’s academic level is properly assessed in every subject.  This will give the teachers adequate time to tailor programs specifically for your child which will properly address any deficiencies your child may have in certain subjects while at the same time bolstering their strengths with encouraging advancement techniques in others. 

The Boarding School Checklist

After ensuring that the boarding school for boys or girls (or coed as we suggest) meets the above attention-giving criteria regarding the teaching staff, here’s a list of teaching methods to look for which should be offered and accepted at your final choice of boarding school:

·         Provides routine and structure which is predictable to ensure learning environment is stable and distraction free
·         Communicates clear expectations frequently to reaffirm students’ goals
·         Offers immediate and unequivocal feedback to ensure there is no ambiguity
·         Has students actualize their problem-solving and short and long term strategies in certain, self-verbalized terms.  This ensures the student is learning and thinking, not just “regurgitating” information
·         Offers cooperative learning activities in conjunction with standard “solo” activities to make sure social skills are advancing hand-in-hand with education
·         Provides an accommodating atmosphere where students are able to learn in the most individually efficient way as they develop new skills
·         Provides clear communication on tasks by breaking them down into sub-tasks and skill sets which contain sub-skills
·         Offers performance incentives to give students goals to work towards, keeping them on track and motivated
·         Gives and provides performance measurement exams and reports on a regular basis
·         Is in constant communication with the students concerning progress

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Finding The Best Boarding Schools In Arizona

If you feel that your child can benefit from one of the top boarding schools in the country, give them the chance they deserve.  Click here right now to learn more.