Thursday, June 28, 2012

Why Vehicle Transport Companies for Car Dealerships Are so Important

Entrusting your fleet of cars to the right vehicle shipping companies is one of the most important and vital decisions you can make as the owner of a car dealership.  Essentially, you are putting your entire stock into the hands of another company once, twice or even thirty times a month depending on the size of your dealership. Vehicle shipping is a major deal in any dealership’s day to day affairs, from shipping to receiving, so ensuring that you have the best vehicle transport company working on your side will make all the difference in your success.

There are two sides to vehicle shipping when it comes to car dealerships, so let’s explore both to better help you make the right decision.  After all, without vehicle transport, you’d quickly run out of things to sell (unless the Air Freshener business is good)!

Vehicle Transport for Car Dealers Buying Inventory

According to studies, there are over 250 million cars sold each year in the United States alone.  That number consists of both new and used cars.  Estimates put car dealerships at around 60,000 lots, both new and used or both.  Because of the large percentage of these cars which are bought at auto auctions on one coast and shipped to the other, most inventory requires vehicle shipping at one point or another. 

For example, some of the larger auto auctions in the country occur at places like Manheim, Odessa and IAA.  Chances are that you’re not located near some of these, but certainly notall of them.  At one point or another, you’re going to find some deals at vehicle auctions that are just too good to pass up, and when you do, vehicle transport companies will be sure to come into play. 

In order to get your car from the auction to the lot, use vehicle shipping carriers which will eliminate your headaches by providing you with safe, fast and dependable vehicle transport services at an affordable price.

Vehicle Transport for Car Dealers Selling Cars

With the implementation and growth of the Internet age, car sales don’t just happen on the lot anymore.  With sites like eBay and Auto Trader changing the way we think about new and used car sales, we must also change the way we thing about vehicle shipping.  Whereas it used to be that vehicle transport companies were only an incoming service for professional car dealerships, it is now the case that cars are often shipped out of dealership lots.

For this, you’ll want to turn to a trusted vehicle shipping company that can ensure that no matter where a customer makes a purchase from, you can deliver on that sale safely, quickly and to their satisfaction.

And because you take advantage of vehicle shipping options on the Internet, you’ll immediately expand the reach of your customer base by exponentially mind-blowing amounts.  Cornering the local market is nothing if you’ve got the state and national markets tapping into your inventory.  By using trusted vehicle transport companies, you will be able to ensure that your online customers have the confidence in your company to make purchases at free will, knowing that you can provide them the car anywhere in the country within days.

And you can do that, but only with vehicle shipping companies.

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Finding The Right Vehicle Shipping Companies for You
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