Wednesday, October 24, 2012

How to Buy the Right Tablet PC for Your Needs

Tablet computers are not cheap investments and so many people including students are looking for places where they can find a tablet PC that suits well their needs and budget. In the last decade, there have been groundbreaking advancements in the information technology field and tablet computers speak in volumes for this. Tablet PCs are unique and can certainly draw the attention of one and all as they can provide mobility of mobile phones and the functionality of laptop computers, all in a small, stylish and easy to carry around gadget.

One of the most important things about buying cheap tablet computers would be to come up with a good budget where you can purchase a quality product comfortably at a price that is reasonable and well within what you can afford. The main feature of a tablet computer is its stylish and sleek design, allowing the users to show it off while on the go. It weighs much, much less than a laptop.

People purchase a tablet computer for variety of reasons such as they weigh less and are more portable than a laptop. Their battery also lasts longer and they boot up a lot faster. Whether using it for business or pleasure, they are more than a mobile phone with huge screen. Most of the tablet PCs in the market have faster processor such as Android tablet PC and they offer better graphics capability. This means they can run various laptop type applications such as word processors, games or any amount of productivity applications.

Because these computers are portable, some even use it as a recipe book while in the kitchen, a games machine in the living room and a reading book in the study. When it comes to selecting the right tablet computer for you, you should first consider your budget. Decide on the amount of money you are willing to spend. These gadgets are available to suit any budget and this means that it is possible to get a cheap tablet computer.

For people with higher budget, there are more choices available. If budget is not a problem to you when buying these computers, you should start with what you will need this tablet computer for or how you are going to use it and what kinds of applications you want to run.

One of the main features that you want to look into when buying China mobile phone is the size of the screen. There is a great deal of size choices such as 7 inch, 9.7 inch and 10.1 inch. If you want to play games or watch movie from your tablet computer, you should opt for a bigger screen. Obviously they cost higher but in terms of the convenience they offer when viewing, it would be worth spending a little more.

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Buying tablet PC is very easy today with the availability of websites on the internet selling cheap and discounted Android tablet PC as well as other mobile devices. They come with great discounts and a line of features that will give you entertainment and fun.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012 – Expanding the Employer Base

“In addition to its powerful and efficient function to meet our website design needs, is also a tremendous place for marketing and branding. Our ‘hooyou’ series achieved great success in reaching a large audience in China and the rest of the world.”


As Witmart’s size grows exponentially, it is starting to attract the attention of businesses and organizations around the globe, including US businesses. Zhang & Associates, the largest Chinese-founded immigration law firm in the US, has partnered with Witmart for multiple job opportunities.

 Unique Job Requirement

From July 2011 onwards, Zhang has posted at least six jobs, varying in content and requirement, on Witmart. One example would be their job soliciting Hooyou pictures.

For non-Chinese, it’s hard to understand what Hooyou is, a Chinese slang originated from northern China. Roughly translated into English, it means playing a trick on or duping someone. Since Zhang’s lay firm website address is, he would like to find funny pictures that smartly link the website’s address to the Chinese Hooyou. Such a task, as interesting as it sounds, would not have attracted much attention in an English-speaking environment, where most of the people cannot grasp the multiple connotations of Hooyou.

Global Base of Bilingual Providers

Here is where Witmart’s strength stands out. Being linked to its sister website in Chinese,, Witmart has the unparalleled advantage of having bilingual providers. Indeed, when Zhang’s job about Hooyou pictures was posted on Witmart, it generated much buzz and excitement. The providers squeezed out their creative juices and all kinds of original and funny pictures started pouring forth.

Speedy Responses

Within a month’s time, Zhang received over 400 bids. These pictures were so fascinating that Zhang had a really hard time picking just one to be the winner.

One of the unique functions of Witmart is that it allows a job to be designed as a contest, where multiple bids can become successful bids and Providers can invite friends to vote for their bids. This way, Zhang was able to select 65 winners for the jobs, and awarded 2,475 dollars in total. In fact, Zhang liked the pictures so much that he made a video for the collection of pictures and invited all providers to watch.

After that, Zhang has posted several other jobs on Witmart, mostly related to Chinese, such as Chinese couplets and riddles. It was amazing how many bids he would get for each job and how excellent the quality of the bids was.


Zhang’s experience serves as excellent testimony for what a business, no matter where it is located and regardless of its size, can accomplish at Witmart. With a global base of providers and employers, Witmart is changing the way people work.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Warrior Cobra X Lacrosse Head Review

Targeting stiffness and ball control, the Warrior Cobra X lacrosse head incorporates a molded throat design. Its ultra-lightweight sidewall structure emphasizes the firmness in the lower segment of the lax head providing sturdiness. The raised ball-stop aids in preventing the ball from becoming dislodged and for better handling.
For an eye catching look, Warrior have made this head with 2-tone colors. This lacrosse head is designed with goal scorers in mind. It is also designed to meet all specs of the NFHS and the NCAA.

The Good Points


The top of the head is pointy enough that I was able to string a good channel. One thing I've found, which could be as a result of the lightening, is that the scoop is kind of bendable. When cranking, you might even sense some flex. I didn't sense it in the beginning but sent down a big crank and eventually felt it.

Rigid head

This head is really rigid which is a positive thing. The head was firm when attached to any handle. I tested shafts from STX, Brine, and Warrior . When the brand of the shafts and heads are different, they can be wobbly and I like how the Cobra X is not. Warrior have executed well getting this right. The improved rigidity of the entire lacrosse head must have been a key goal of Warrior's. The toughened neck passes through to the sidewalls for added firmness as well as as well reinforcing the throat.

Reverse flared sidewalls

One thing you'll notice concerning the Warrior Cobra x lax head is that it does not have much of a pinch. But it is not an issue. The reverse flared side walls act as a very good alternative for pinching. I strung up a mid-pocket out of habit, however the reverse flared sidewalls are ideal for a high pocket. You will undoubtedly have a more precise and quicker crank with the mixture off the offset, the scoop and the reverse flared side walls. Should you be an attacking type of person, heads up.

Created for forwards

Forwards listen up, the Cobra X from Warrior is engineered for you. The flex, scoop, side wall flare and light structure all point out one important thing: goals. You'll be giving yourself the very best opportunity to score with this lax head. Or at the very least eliminate your lax head as a reason why you're not scoring!

Things to Look Out for

A universal head, so some potential for warping

The universal heads, those which comply to both specifications, are unique for the reason that the side-walls extend up from the throat and distinctively curve out to the 6.5in . wide scoop. When you're aware of this variation, you can notice these lax heads a mile away. But a couple of compromises are necessary to conform to the two requirements. The sharp contour from the sidewalls to the scoop presents more possibility of the lax head hourglassing. This isn't a dig at the Cobra X lacrosse head from Warrior exclusively, but more this type of head.

Raised ball stop, what is up with that?

I have no idea exactly what the raised ball stop is for. Maybe Warrior is wanting to compete with the STX heads. Warrior states "it's to help prevent the ball from being knocked from the head". I'm unsure how the ballstop helps with this. For the ball stop to help in retention, the ball would need to sit behind it and for that to happen you'd need to string an ultra-low pocket. You'd even have to completely loosen the lower strings to sit the ball at the rear of the ballstop. However, once you do this the ball will not freely roll out if tilted forward and your head will be illegal. The ball-stop would also be out of the way because whenever you run with the ball it has a tendency to sit higher. That is the case with most types of stringing. But hey, it's cool.

Ground balls are difficult

The angle at the rear of the scoop suggests that you need to approach a ground-ball at a higher angle. I prefer to get down low and right over the ball, but as you get down low the lip at the back frustratingly raises the top of the lacrosse head off the ground. If you get really low and off line, you cannot scoop the ball up. I discovered that ground-balls were difficult to scoop up with this particular head, specially on turf.
Straight-line ground balls were okay. But scooping ground balls running across my line I had some trouble with. It took me 2 or 3 attempts sometimes to scoop the ball up. Turf really generated probably the most trouble. Due to the variability of the grass I found I had to get lower down so the head would not dig in too much, however the lower angle raised the tip off the turf. Artificial surfaces weren't much of a issue. My previous Evo had exactly the same type of tip and results.


I really like the Warrior Cobra X. This lax head is constructed for a sole position and I love that Warrior have been unwavering about that. That position being goal scoring forwards. This lacrosse head is ideally best for attackers, even when there are doubts about the ball-stop and ground-balls. Get ready to shoot.

For more information about lacrosse gear, check this web page out, or refer to our website for the lastest reviews.

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USES OF PMMA (Polymethyl Methacrylate/Plexiglas)

Polymethyl methacrylate is a transparent and rigid thermoplastic glass, a synthetic resin produced from the polymerization of methyl methacrylate. It is an ester of meth acrylic acid obtained principally from propylene a compound refined from lighter fractions of crude oil. It is used as a substitute to glass in cases such as skylights, illuminated signs and shatterproof windows among others and sold under the trademark of Plexiglas.

Plexiglas refers to the trademark under which the light transparent weather resistant thermoplastic fall. It has many uses known including glass substitutes for construction of residential and commercial aquariums. The glass provides a transparent see through surface to view the aqua life and more effective. Plexiglas comes in handy in sporting events and used to build the spectator protection rings. In ice hockey the PMMA is used to make the rinks.

In the motor world, Plexiglas uses the technology of PMMA to improve the designs on aircrafts windows, enabling iconic designs such as bombardier`s transparent nose compartment in the aircraft Boeing flying fortress. Plexiglas uses the technology to also make viewing ports in the submersibles and even the complete pressure hulls in them. This was used and applied in the Alicia submarine to view the sphere. A police vehicle in riot control uses Plexiglas technology having the regular glass replaced with the acrylic present in the PMMA to protect against objects being thrown at them.

It is also used in daylight redirection. Plexiglas uses the technology to redirect light using panels to turn a light pipe, or tubular skylight and spread it evenly in a room. A panel acting as light shelves are used with definite reflective and refractive properties, at a correct angle of incidence spreads the rays evenly over a given area. This can be used for same purpose as windows and canopy, leading to higher illumination of a given room. It can also be used in greenhouses as a good source of UV rays onto the plants.

Medically, Plexigas uses the PMMA which has a high compatibility degree with the human tissue. It is used in the replacement of intraocular lenses in the eye in case of any faults with the original one. In orthopedic surgery, bone cement made from PMMA is used to affix implants and also in remodeling the lost bone. Dentally the PMMA is used to refill teeth with a color matching to the patients' teeth and gum. Other medical uses include in cosmetic surgery to reduce wrinkles and scars in which biological fluid is injected under the skin.

PMMA in artistic and aesthetic world is used in modern furniture. Guitars, piano and office chairs to cover and make the opaque objects translucent. Diasec is a process that uses acrylic acid as substitute for the normal glass in picture framing. Plexiglas uses this method given it is low cost, shatter resistant, aesthetics and comes in bigger larger size for standard picture framing.

Plexiglas uses the technology of the PMMA for other wide range of uses including making the neon signs, where cut out letters from the sheet to represent company`s names and logos. It is also used as dispersant to stabilize colloidal suspensions in ceramic powders. The technology used in roofing and waterproofing applications, gives a membrane construction flexible and resistant to tear and puncture. Artificial fingernails are sometimes made from acrylic an important component in the PMMA.

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Dimitris Petropoulos has been in the field of plexiglas for a long time and maintains a website about pmma where you can get answers to the rest of your questions.

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Mauritius Dodo, The Friendly Bird

There is one species that will be forever tied to the name of the beautiful island of Mauritius. This is the Dodo, a flightless bird which was endemic to the island of Mauritius. It was stated that this bird is a relative to pigeons and doves. Though known as flightless birds, they were not really like this from the start. The island of Mauritius before it was colonised lacked a population of mammalian predators, therefore, the early Dodos which lived never had to use its wings to avoid predators. And it didn't stop there. The supply of food for these birds in Mauritius was abundant too, not to mention easily accessible. For birds, the use of flight is mainly for self-protection and for hunting food. Take this away, and the next generation of Dodos adapted as flightless birds.

The Dodo stands at a range of 2 to 3 feet. It was always believed to be a dumb species by the early settlers in the islands of Mauritius. On the contrary, Dodos are pretty intelligent; they just got used to the comfort of their habitat and treat no one as potential threats. One of closest relatives to this flightless bird is the Rodrigues Solitaire, which is another extinct species of birds residing in the same area. There are no accurate and live samples of the Dodo as it went extinct in the 17th century due to the hunting of Dutch Sailors and their domestic pets.

The Dodo and its friendly nature that it adapted became the trigger for its extinction. Some blame the laziness of the first settlers in Mauritius, as they resorted to hunting these birds which presents no challenge at all. Due to the susceptibility of the Dodos from hunters and domestic animals foreign to the lands of Mauritius, they faced absolute extinction. Since the point of species extinction is not yet taken into account at that place in time, records were not kept. In result, Dodo's were treated as mythological creatures until the 19th century.

Since the discovery of fossils and physical evidence concerning Dodos, society came to know that extinction can be brought upon by humans, whether it be plants or animals. The extinction of these birds made way for researchers to take note of species population. As a sacrifice for other animals, Dodo helped people realize what animals or plants are endangered. It is a blessing enclosed within a tragic sacrifice as some may say. 

To learn more about the Dodo Mauritius and the beauty of this island, visit our Villa Mauritius website.

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Tips on How to Pass Through a Metal Detector

So you are all packed and ready to travel for the holidays. You have booked a nice hotel by the beach and are ready to enjoy with family or friends. Your tickets, passport and all related travel documents are in your hand. Your carry on is ready and has all the stuff you could need on the route to your vacation. You leave the house on time and reach the airport exactly on the time you had calculated.

You think the trip is going to be great but one of the bubbles of excitement pop. Why? You pass through the metal detector but your carry on is opened and checked. You could have avoided this little glitch by giving some time to your packing and not stuffing everything you could get hold of in the bag. Passing through metal detectors may seem easy but it a good thing to use these handy tips when travelling to any place where metal detector can be used.

Make sure that you know exactly what is in your bag. It is important to check with the TSA guidelines to see which items are forbidden when travelling. When you go to the mall, school or some event where a metal detector is used for security, make sure you know what you have in the bag(s) you are carrying. If you have a medical condition and there is piece of metal inserted in your body it is a good idea to have a doctor’s note with you. It will not allow you to travel without any hindrance but it will make it much easier for you to travel compared to when you do not have one.

Keep all travel documents in your hand or in one place. It is no surprise now that you will be asked to show identification more than once at an airport. Your carry on will be checked at the check post to avoid any inconvenience or eliminate any security threat.

When carrying electronics, it is best to have them ready. Keep your laptop charged fully so that you can switch it on when asked by security personnel. Keep your cell phone and all other electronic devices in hand so that it easy for you and the security personnel to check. Remove all coins and other metal items before you go through the scanner. It is best if you have them in your hand before you reach the scanner so that you can avoid making a queue.

Last but not the least be very careful with the stuff you are handling before you go through the detector. If your heart medication has nitroglycerin in it is best that you do use a laptop right after popping the pill. With security personnel checking for chemicals along with weapons it is important that you keep these small things in mind.

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Although there are a number of video subscription services sprouting in the virtual world today, only two names reign supreme and are being constantly compared to each other. This article is talking about Netflix and Hulu Plus, the two largest and most popular video streaming programs at present. To help you determine which the best bet is, we have created a comprehensive comparison article on Hulu Plus vs Netflix, which we based on content, ease of use, and other valuable aspects of both.


Before Hulu Plus, Netflix used to dominate the video subscription industry. The latter started out as an online DVD-ordering program through mail and then evolved into a feature-packed movie streamer later on. On the other hand, Hulu Plus came to life in 2007. It started as a free video service on the internet that offered a wide selection of top-rating shows, movies and other interesting perks. Just recently, Hulu Plus added a subscription service which promises to give more thrilling contents than what you can get from free membership.

Ease of Use

Both Netflix and Hulu Plus are accessible through the internet. To get the movies you are looking for, you simply have to log in into your personal account and you’ll instantly have the access to the variety of movies or shows offered by both programs. Users can also get free trials from both companies, which is highly beneficial to beginners looking for the best alternative.

However, you may want to know that Hulu Plus is only streamable; while with Netflix, you can also order DVDs online through mail where you have the freedom to choose a specific title of movies from their comprehensive list and even organize your own wish list which automatically sends the movie you have chosen after you have finished watching the previous title.

In terms of being user-friendly, both programs acquire equivalent points. Signing up is pretty easy; you just need to fill up the form, choose your own password, and immediately start on watching movies, TV shows, and get to know the new releases on that particular point.

Device Compatibility

Technically, Netflix can be used on several compatible gadgets which means you have the advantage of accessing your Netflix account from Mac and other brands of PC, Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, iOS and Android devices, Roku, Windows Phone, D-Link, as well as home theater systems from different brands. As you can see, users can easily to connect from one device to another through Netflix, no matter where they may be.

On the contrary, Hulu Plus does not contain as many features as Netflix. But still, it gives the freedom of accessing your account through a number of compatible devices including PS3, Xbox 360, Roku, iOs and Android gadgets, Nintendo 3DS, Amazon Kindle Fire, LG, Samsung, Panasonic and Sony TVs, TiVo Premiere, and of course, from your personal computer. Soon, it will also be available to Wii gaming systems.

Title Choices

According to Netflix, they offer as much as 100,000 titles on Blu-ray and DVD titles. These exclude the movies available for streaming, which count as tens of thousands based on the company’s claims. Hulu Plus does not reveal the exact number of titles; however, the company declares that they have thousands of box-office hit movies in possession, all without the annoying interruption of TV commercials. Meanwhile, a third-party analyzer estimates that Hulu Plus has 2,500 films, 43,000 TV episodes, and 1,650 old and current TV shows, which only means that Netflix still reigns supreme when it comes to this aspect.


Netflix contains a plethora of excellent content; thanks to the wide variety huge licensing deals it has with ABC, CBS, FOX, BBC, NBC, Dreamworks Animation, and Sony. However, Hulu Plus’ content offerings are not bad at all; considering that you can stream the latest TV shows from a number of channels including MTV, NBC Universal, Disney, The Biography Channel, Public Broadcasting Service, and even National Geographic Channel. But despite the great deals on content Hulu Plus offers, Netflix still has more variety to give to its users.


Both programs require certain software in order to perform their functions well. Hulu Plus needs Adobe Flash Player 10.153.64 or higher, Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher, Chrome or Safari 3.0 or higher, and cookies and JavaScript enabled. Netflix, on the other hand, requires an internet connection with a minimum speed of 500 kbps for you to get the best results.

Video Quality

Netflix produces HD movies, TV shows, and videos at 1080p; while videos on Hulu Plus are only streamable videos at 1080p when available. As for the TV shows, it offers viewing at 720p resolution. 


Netflix has recently increased its price; while Hulu Plus retains its old price list. However, the latter broadcasts advertisements as you stream, which users may find irritating. This is done for a reason, though, which is to reduce the subscription and license fees from the contents they provide. For people who hate interruptions brought about by advertisements, Netflix still becomes a preferable choice despite of the higher price.

Currently, Hulu Plus charges $7.99 monthly; although the users can opt out anytime they want to. As with Netflix, you can choose from different subscription options such as $7.99 per month for unlimited movie streaming or unlimited one DVD at a time rental or $11.99 for two DVDs at a time. If you want the best of both worlds, then you will have to spend $15.98. If you also wish to rent Blu-rays along with these contents, you’ll have to pay an extra of $2 each month. 


After the further evaluation of Hulu Plus vs Netflix conducted above, it is concluded that the latter possesses more beneficial features and bonuses for its users. However, the features Hulu Plus has in store are not bad at all; considering that it can provide your favorite TV shows and series right after they have been aired on national television. The bottom line? The ultimate test still lies in your hands; so try to take advantage of their free trials for you to have an in-depth evaluation of both programs before subscribing to one of them.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Ugliest Websites Still Make Money

The ugliest websites and most un-tidy businesses floating around on the web can still make money. There seems to be a myth with many newbie marketers that the ugliest websites out there cannot, and will not make money. THIS IS FALSE!

I have seen many newbies get into the whole marketing game and give up because they think they have to spend thousands of dollars on a brand new websites with flashing buttons and big bright banners.

That is simply not the case. You do not have to spend thousands to have the best looking website, or have some trendy design to make money online. Some of the ugliest websites I have seen don't just do well, they bring in thousands of customers each year and millions of dollars at the same time.

Think of these 3 websites below you might have used at some time:

1) - 24 billion views per month.

2) - 3 billion views per month.

3) - 250 million views per month.

I would not call these sites, clean and they are some of the biggest ugliest websites out there. Yet, they still do very well to generate traffic and also make money. Just look at how much traffic Craiglist generates. Chances are you have used this, and even find the design messy and hard to navigate. But do you think the owners care. No they are sitting on a massive big gold mine!!!!

Most of these websites are brands now, and most people do not even have to log onto the internet to know what these sites look like. Do you think these businesses are worried about how their site looks? No, that also works in their favor as well. As long as they are giving their customers what they want.

So that is not the point, they are unique, functional and they are brand. They don't need to be good looking they just need to serve the purpose. So this is a good example that even the ugliest websites still make money. Many people are held back because of this.

Remember these sites are very useful for the visitors and the way they encourage users' participation and keeps the visitors coming back for more. Those are the ingredients for a successful website, not high quality design, bright banners, and slow loading websites. I have even designed sites I thought were messy and would FAIL badly, only to find out weeks late they worked better then the clean sites I have owned. This again is proof that design is not everything. Just think for a moment, that next ugly website you create could be the next million dollar business. So do not let the whole ugliest websites myth hold you back, because today you just got proof that they can do very well.

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