Monday, October 22, 2012

Warrior Cobra X Lacrosse Head Review

Targeting stiffness and ball control, the Warrior Cobra X lacrosse head incorporates a molded throat design. Its ultra-lightweight sidewall structure emphasizes the firmness in the lower segment of the lax head providing sturdiness. The raised ball-stop aids in preventing the ball from becoming dislodged and for better handling.
For an eye catching look, Warrior have made this head with 2-tone colors. This lacrosse head is designed with goal scorers in mind. It is also designed to meet all specs of the NFHS and the NCAA.

The Good Points


The top of the head is pointy enough that I was able to string a good channel. One thing I've found, which could be as a result of the lightening, is that the scoop is kind of bendable. When cranking, you might even sense some flex. I didn't sense it in the beginning but sent down a big crank and eventually felt it.

Rigid head

This head is really rigid which is a positive thing. The head was firm when attached to any handle. I tested shafts from STX, Brine, and Warrior . When the brand of the shafts and heads are different, they can be wobbly and I like how the Cobra X is not. Warrior have executed well getting this right. The improved rigidity of the entire lacrosse head must have been a key goal of Warrior's. The toughened neck passes through to the sidewalls for added firmness as well as as well reinforcing the throat.

Reverse flared sidewalls

One thing you'll notice concerning the Warrior Cobra x lax head is that it does not have much of a pinch. But it is not an issue. The reverse flared side walls act as a very good alternative for pinching. I strung up a mid-pocket out of habit, however the reverse flared sidewalls are ideal for a high pocket. You will undoubtedly have a more precise and quicker crank with the mixture off the offset, the scoop and the reverse flared side walls. Should you be an attacking type of person, heads up.

Created for forwards

Forwards listen up, the Cobra X from Warrior is engineered for you. The flex, scoop, side wall flare and light structure all point out one important thing: goals. You'll be giving yourself the very best opportunity to score with this lax head. Or at the very least eliminate your lax head as a reason why you're not scoring!

Things to Look Out for

A universal head, so some potential for warping

The universal heads, those which comply to both specifications, are unique for the reason that the side-walls extend up from the throat and distinctively curve out to the 6.5in . wide scoop. When you're aware of this variation, you can notice these lax heads a mile away. But a couple of compromises are necessary to conform to the two requirements. The sharp contour from the sidewalls to the scoop presents more possibility of the lax head hourglassing. This isn't a dig at the Cobra X lacrosse head from Warrior exclusively, but more this type of head.

Raised ball stop, what is up with that?

I have no idea exactly what the raised ball stop is for. Maybe Warrior is wanting to compete with the STX heads. Warrior states "it's to help prevent the ball from being knocked from the head". I'm unsure how the ballstop helps with this. For the ball stop to help in retention, the ball would need to sit behind it and for that to happen you'd need to string an ultra-low pocket. You'd even have to completely loosen the lower strings to sit the ball at the rear of the ballstop. However, once you do this the ball will not freely roll out if tilted forward and your head will be illegal. The ball-stop would also be out of the way because whenever you run with the ball it has a tendency to sit higher. That is the case with most types of stringing. But hey, it's cool.

Ground balls are difficult

The angle at the rear of the scoop suggests that you need to approach a ground-ball at a higher angle. I prefer to get down low and right over the ball, but as you get down low the lip at the back frustratingly raises the top of the lacrosse head off the ground. If you get really low and off line, you cannot scoop the ball up. I discovered that ground-balls were difficult to scoop up with this particular head, specially on turf.
Straight-line ground balls were okay. But scooping ground balls running across my line I had some trouble with. It took me 2 or 3 attempts sometimes to scoop the ball up. Turf really generated probably the most trouble. Due to the variability of the grass I found I had to get lower down so the head would not dig in too much, however the lower angle raised the tip off the turf. Artificial surfaces weren't much of a issue. My previous Evo had exactly the same type of tip and results.


I really like the Warrior Cobra X. This lax head is constructed for a sole position and I love that Warrior have been unwavering about that. That position being goal scoring forwards. This lacrosse head is ideally best for attackers, even when there are doubts about the ball-stop and ground-balls. Get ready to shoot.

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