Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Hooyou.com – Expanding the Employer Base

“In addition to its powerful and efficient function to meet our website design needs, witmart.com is also a tremendous place for marketing and branding. Our ‘hooyou’ series achieved great success in reaching a large audience in China and the rest of the world.”


As Witmart’s size grows exponentially, it is starting to attract the attention of businesses and organizations around the globe, including US businesses. Zhang & Associates, the largest Chinese-founded immigration law firm in the US, has partnered with Witmart for multiple job opportunities.

 Unique Job Requirement

From July 2011 onwards, Zhang has posted at least six jobs, varying in content and requirement, on Witmart. One example would be their job soliciting Hooyou pictures.

For non-Chinese, it’s hard to understand what Hooyou is, a Chinese slang originated from northern China. Roughly translated into English, it means playing a trick on or duping someone. Since Zhang’s lay firm website address is hooyou.com, he would like to find funny pictures that smartly link the website’s address to the Chinese Hooyou. Such a task, as interesting as it sounds, would not have attracted much attention in an English-speaking environment, where most of the people cannot grasp the multiple connotations of Hooyou.

Global Base of Bilingual Providers

Here is where Witmart’s strength stands out. Being linked to its sister website in Chinese, zhubajie.com, Witmart has the unparalleled advantage of having bilingual providers. Indeed, when Zhang’s job about Hooyou pictures was posted on Witmart, it generated much buzz and excitement. The providers squeezed out their creative juices and all kinds of original and funny pictures started pouring forth.

Speedy Responses

Within a month’s time, Zhang received over 400 bids. These pictures were so fascinating that Zhang had a really hard time picking just one to be the winner.

One of the unique functions of Witmart is that it allows a job to be designed as a contest, where multiple bids can become successful bids and Providers can invite friends to vote for their bids. This way, Zhang was able to select 65 winners for the jobs, and awarded 2,475 dollars in total. In fact, Zhang liked the pictures so much that he made a video for the collection of pictures and invited all providers to watch.

After that, Zhang has posted several other jobs on Witmart, mostly related to Chinese, such as Chinese couplets and riddles. It was amazing how many bids he would get for each job and how excellent the quality of the bids was.


Zhang’s experience serves as excellent testimony for what a business, no matter where it is located and regardless of its size, can accomplish at Witmart. With a global base of providers and employers, Witmart is changing the way people work.

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