Sunday, September 23, 2012

How to Join a Social Networking Group With Sabah Kazmi

Sabah Kazmi is a big believer in the importance of social networking.  As a risk analyst and lending systems administrator for a credit union in Philadelphia, PA, Kazmi has enjoyed the benefits of social networking first hand during the last few months.  Though Sabah Kazmi has been quite busy between her professional and educational lives (she recently earned her M.J.), she has still made time for a select few social networking groups that she considers particularly valuable.

Sabah Kazmi recommends that any professional – young or old, experienced or inexperienced – become involved in at least one social networking group.  She considers social networking groups to be some of the most valuable resources for professionals.  And, they’re often free or open at nominal costs.

If you are interested in joining a social networking group in your local area, Sabah Kazmi has a few suggestions to help you begin the process of finding and joining a group:
1.       Sabah Kazmi always tells professionals that the first thing they need to do is determine their general interests. Ask yourself if you want to make more contacts, meet specific types of people, or make a career change.  When you know your purpose in joining a social networking group, believes Sabah Kazmi, you increase your ability to be a productive member in that group.
2.       Once you know exactly why you want to join a social networking group, Sabah Kazmi recommends that professionals search for social networking groups online, or by browsing through lists like this one.  She also recommends groups like BNI.
3.       If you’re struggling to find social networking groups that are tailored towards your interests, Sabah Kazmi recommends you look into your local Chamber of Commerce.  Also, she reminds professionals that sometimes it can be a good thing to not join groups that pertain directly to “your interests.”  By joining a group of people who are not like you, Sabah Kazmi believes you might actually be more effective in the group.
4.       Lastly, Sabah Kazmi reminds would-be network-ers that they have to be active participants.  Sabah Kazmi always tells professionals that they won’t get much out of a social networking group by going once or twice.  In order to attain some success with a social networking group, Sabah Kazmi believes regular and frequent attendance is essential.

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