Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Jobs in Kent

Kent has a huge working population and an unemployment rate which is below national average. The service industries make up for almost half of the employment in this county. Health services, financial services, educational services, local government and retail services are among the most important areas of employment.

Kent is considered a gateway from mainland Europe to the UK, and this geographical position provides significant job vacancies in tourism, transport and travel services. But the opportunities in these areas are usually limited and can be on a seasonal part time positions. In the manufacturing sector, engineering industries are also an important source of employment. National employers like chain stores, banks, fast food restaurants, and many others are also properly represented in the county of Kent.

Pharmaceuticals and biotechnology also offer significant job vacancies despite the closure of Pfizer, which has had a negative impact on the recruitment in that area, although hopefully this is only temporary.

Development projects and some major regeneration is being undertaken which has increased employment opportunities in the sector of construction. There are also job vacancies in the food manufacturing industry, using local products grown in Kent.

Paper manufacture has also been one of the most important industries, and there are still numerous companies which continue this traditional business.

There are also jobs in Kent in the education sector. Being employed as a teaching assistant is one useful way to get experience before starting a post graduate certificate in education, which you will need to be hired on in a local school. There are also language schools, teaching English to foreign students, but job vacancies tend to be seasonal.

Local authorities also have job vacancies. Not all of the posts available will require a degree, making the opportunity to be hired in this sector pretty.  Medway Council and Kent County council hires personnel for libraries, consumer protection, and social services among others. Local civil service offices such as Job Centre Plus or HM revenue and Customs may also have occasional job vacancies for administrative officers, executives and assistants. Immigration officers may also be occasionally hired to work in channel ports.

Some prison establishment in this county such as those in Rochester, Canterbury or Sheppey will also have vacancies for prison leaders and prison officers. Health services in communities and other hospitals that are self-governing known as NHS trusts offer positions for those who are in the medical or health related professions. These organizations hire health personnel so that they can ensure that health services are provided in Kent communities. Mental health thrusts also employ people who can offer social care and assistance to those with addiction and disabilities.

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