Monday, June 3, 2013

Tips For Entrepreneurs: Steven Marshank

Steven Marshank is an experienced entrepreneur, working with Marshank Consultants for the past 40 years. In order to become successful as an entrepreneur, you need to have some solid advice. Steven Marshank offers some helpful tips here on getting started as a profitable entrepreneur.

Get Trained: Know all of the aspects about running a business. Be able to know how to bookkeep, market, and even run IT support before you step out on your own.

Don’t Work For Less Than You Can Afford To: When you start your own business, you will find yourself doing almost anything to get new customers. Don’t let this be a time where you accept jobs or work for less than you can afford to. You might find it profitable to offer discounts to customers who sign on to a contract with you, though.

Have A Business Plan: This should be the first step that you take when thinking about starting or opening your own business. You need to lay out everything in this business plan that you and your company want to accomplish, and how you will do it. Always be clear about what you are doing, and update your plan every year.

Don’t Enter A Business Venture You Know Nothing About: If you start out in an industry you aren’t knowledgeable about, you’ll be playing catch up for the life of the company. Know what you are getting in to, and have professionals with experience on your side to be able to help you along the way.

Network: Make connections and keep a record on every person that you meet. Don’t be scared to ask for their advice or help on a subject that you are not clear on. Keep in touch with them along the way. Try to build your networks before you actually need them.

These are a few tips from Steven Marshank that you should think about before deciding to start your own business and step out as an entrepreneur.


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