Monday, July 8, 2013

Enemies to Network Security by NetWolves

The internet has opened up doors for individuals and corporations that never existed before. Global business and commerce is easier to participate in than ever before. Barriers to entry in markets are lower than ever. It's a great time to be involved in online business. Unfortunately, there are a lot of issues surrounding security and the internet.

Network security has recently become an even more important issue than it used to be. Recent hackers and groups have stolen money, private information, and much more from some of the largest corporations in the world. The security solutions people once relied on isn't exactly enough to stay safe and secure.

NetWolves has seen this pattern increasing. With the demand for better security solutions increasing day by day, NetWolves has been informing clients of the threats and enemies currently operating in the security environment. Those threats include:

Hackers - Hackers apply to a broad range of talented and intelligent computer enthusiasts who have the skills to allow them to probe deep into security networks. Some cause minor problems while others join organizations and wreak havoc on some of the strongest security systems in the world.

Unaware Staff - People who have not been trained to be cognizant of security issues online are a threat to network security. They can download viruses or malware that leads to breaches in network security. Fortunately training can remove these people from the network security equation at many corporations.

Upset Staff - People who are upset with how they have been treated or how something has gone wrong can be a threat to network security. People with security access or simply access to a network can act maliciously to wreak havoc on a system. Those who have been fired, are upset with their current situation in the company, or who have been punished for previous actions can use their network knowledge in a negative way which can hurt a company in an act of revenge.

Snoops - These people are the ones nightmares are made of for security experts. Snoops are the people that engage in corporate espionage. They gain access to vital information deep in corporate networks and sell them to the competitors. They can act alone or as part of a group. Sometimes these are the hardest to catch and can cause the most damage to a company.

These are some of the biggest threats facing network security administrators at the moment. NetWolves works with its clients to help fend off these threats on a daily basis.


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