Sunday, July 14, 2013

What Stem Cells Can Do for Us: Steven Marshank Shares His Knowledge

Steven Marshank is aware that stem cell research can be a controversial topic. Steven Marshank says that people are often not aware of the different types of stem cells, nor the way that they already help people on a daily basis.

Steven Marshank says that people often don’t know the ways that adult stem cells are used on a daily basis. Often, people only focus on the negative ideas presented by those who are against the use of embryonic stem cells, and are completely unaware of the ways that adult stem cells are used every day. Adult stem cells are contained in the body within bone marrow and blood. A bone marrow transplant actually transplants adult stem cells into another person’s body. These cells do have to be harvested from the donor, which requires drilling into the bone, which can be a painful process. However, bone marrow transplants can be life-saving operations for patients suffering from diseases like leukemia.

People often don’t realize that when people discuss stem cells, they are not only discussing embryonic stem cells, which have the tendency to cause a lot of controversy. Adult stems cells have been helping human beings for years, and people don’t often realize what researchers have learned through stem cell research and how that continues to help with how adult stem cells can be used.

Stem cells and their ability to become a plethora of other cells is an amazing thing, but people often don’t realize that the conditions needed to achieve this are very specific. While the US Food and Drug Administration did give permission for human trials with embryonic stem cells to be performed, the Atlanta company conducting the trials announced that it was no longer going to continue development of its stem cell programs.

While the US isn’t engaged in trials with embryonic stem cells at the moment, stem cell treatment and research is taking place in other countries and hospitals in Asia. Steven Marshank has learned a lot about stem cells and stem cell research by spending time touring hospitals and research facilities and talking about the research and treatments with the doctors and researchers that do it.

Steven Marshank is focused on business development from an organizational development perspective and is a firm believer in the individual steps necessary for people to become more proactive with their learning of information about current medical research before it personally affects them.  He feels that this is a vital part of being an active, informed, and responsible citizen practicing in the medical field and that it is important to set a leadership standard for others who may also be interested in learning more about stem cell research, and medical research in general.

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