Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Why Your Patrol Car Needs The Karsof™ Mobile Enforcement Identification Unit

The Karsof™ Mobile Enforcement Identification Unit is a user-friendly digital investigation platform that rides along with you -- to a crime scene, on your beat, to an investigation; anywhere. Its accessibility reduces effort, making it a much needed addition for the investigator, officer or detective. The Karsof™ Mobile Enforcement Identification works seamlessly within and alongside traditional forensics, ensuring double coverage and the best of both digital and traditional investigations.

Karsof™ Mobile Enforcement Complements Other Systems

The Karsof™ Mobile Enforcement Identification is highly adaptable. It's tailored to your routine and, if you’re in law enforcement, even your beat. The Karsof™ Mobile Enforcement Identification works in conjunction with our other forensic technologies and with traditional forensic methods, like dusting for prints. A dusted print can still be scanned by a
Karsof™ Fingerprint Scanner and identified. The entire Karsof™ Forensics System can even work with incomplete fingerprints, and this can be implemented along with the Karsof™ Mobile Enforcement Identification.

As an investigator, a detective or even a traffic patrol officer, this technology streamlines your experience, so you can verify persons of interest from the front seat of your vehicle, without wasting time. There’s no driving back and forth to the station; there’s no false identifications.

History Meets The Future With Karsof™ Systems

Forensic sciences of the past have served us well. The fingerprinting of suspected criminals was introduced in 1906 by NYPD. While it is not the exact science we once thought it was, fingerprint evidence is still a staple in helping law enforcement identify criminals and their crime scenes. With the Karsof™ Mobile Enforcement Identification Unit, you can get a near 100% match every time. The two methods can definitely compliment each other!

Because all fingerprints taken from suspects are entered into the FBI’s database (Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System or IAFIS), the comparison has near flawless results. This is what the Karsof™ Mobile Enforcement Identification can do for your precinct, security company, or campus police force.  It gives you the certainty of knowing you’ve apprehended the right suspect and helps secure the evidence you need for a clear case.

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