Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Aderoju Ademoroti, President of OMP 13 Class of LBS Makes N1m Donation

Aderoju Ademoroti, President of the Owner Managers Programme (OMP 13) at the Lagos Business School, is happy to announce the donation of one million Naira (N1m) to the Lagos Business School Endowment Fund on behalf of his class.

The donation was recently given to the Director of Alumni Relations, Henry Onukwuba at the Lagos Business School’s Victoria Island campus. Ademoroti’s Vice President, Muyiwa Adekeye was present to witness the N1m donation.

When asked about the sizable donation (about $6,225 USD or $4,000 British pound sterling), Aderoju Ademoroti responded, “we would have wished to do more.  The Lagos Business School provided me with wonderful experiences and invaluable contacts.  Giving back to an institution that did so much for us all was the right thing to do.”

However, the Lagos Business School is not the first institution to award Aderoju Ademoroti a degree.  Ademoroti earned his first degree from the University of London in 1997.  Since he began his professional career in the business world, Aderoju Ademoroti has known continual success.

These successes have propelled Aderoju Ademoroti forward.  “I have to acknowledge the success of Astro Soccer Nigeria Ltd., and the important role it’s played in giving me a platform to add value to the Lagos Business school in one’s little way,” says Aderoju Ademoroti.  “ASNL has been instrumental in helping me develop my business reputation”.

Aderoju Ademoroti has high hopes for the Lagos Business School Endowment Fund.  He considers the Lagos Business School to be one of the best educational institutions in Nigeria, in fact, it is the best in executive education programs and believes that with the right amount of financial-backing and proper leadership, the School could attract further international talent and attention.

“It’s my hope,” states Aderoju Ademoroti, “that this modest donation of one million Naira will help the Lagos Business School into its next phase of development.  We look forward to the future development of the institution.

Aderoju Ademoroti welcomes all questions and comments regarding the N1m donation he was able to make to the Lagos Business School Endowment Fund on behalf of his class.  He may be reached for further information regarding the donation at Lagos, Nigeria.

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