Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Parvin Atabay Loves Working with Children

There are many things that Parvin Atabay does over the course of a normal day.  She has many responsibilities at the moment - first of all, she is the CEO of Arti Enterprises, which is a management company located in Encino, CA.  This is no small job, and requires a lot of her time and dedication.

Second, her husband Zia Atabay is the producer of National Iranian Television United, which is a news channel that works to get Iranians information about democracy and culture.  While Parvin Atabay is not involved with the television station and is not political, she supports her husband in his endeavors that can result in a lot of work and time devoted!

However, she also dedicates a great deal of her time toward helping children in developing countries.  As a mother of two, Parvin Atabay believes that there is no more precious resource in the world other than children, and every effort must be made in order to ensure their safety and development.

"Children around the world are suffering today," Parvin Atabay says.  "This is a very real problem that we should not turn our backs to as responsible, compassionate adults.  If we want the world to grow up to be safe and competent, we need to make sure that all children everywhere are cared for and given the opportunities they need to succeed!"

This is much easier said than done, considering how very busy that Parvin Atabay is.  But she believes that using her time to help children is so very important that she always makes time out of her schedule to do so.  Not all children are lucky enough to have parents who are able and willing to care for them well.

"Children cannot protect themselves," says Parvin Atabay when asked to comment upon the importance of her volunteer work.  "They need the assistance of others while caring about them to be able to ensure that they get the attention they need to grow up and be happy, healthy individuals."

With the assistance of people like Parvin Atabay, children around the world will be lucky enough to get a second - or first - chance at having full stomachs and full lives. You may visit this link for more information about Parvin Atabay.


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