Saturday, July 28, 2012

Cambridge MA Real Estate

Cambridge is situated very close to the city centre of Boston and is prime real estate value land. In the area there are several homes for sale and many of which can be bought at knock down prices or recently reduced tariffs. Cambridge MA real estate boasts hot property in some of the most luxurious regions of the port area close to the Boston Harbour.

Cambridge MA real estate bargains include the million dollar home in Huron Avenue which boasts seven bedrooms and four bathrooms in a detached plot of Cambridge MA real estate that you could call your very own with a mortgage of just $4,000 per month. Avon Hill also presents a real luxurious property region for upmarket Cambridge MA real estate. In Avon Hill we have a large family home with eight bedrooms and four bathrooms which could be perfect as a shared home for two complete families.

Avon Hill is a sedate, tree-lined avenue style setting and with eight bedrooms and two bathrooms you could own this piece of luxurious Cambridge MA real estate for the cost of $1.6 million. However, if shared between two families then costs are halved remember. Many of the properties in Avon Hill are charming 19th Century real estate homes with huge bay windows and porches looking out onto tree-lined avenues that are surrounded in opulent splendour.

Cambridge MA real estate does not only offer the opulent splendour of million dollar homes but condos for as little as $250,000. In the high des-res area of Cambridge Port a condo for just quarter of a million dollars can be all yours. These one bedroom units are graced with huge pine flooring and parking round the back. Cambridge MA real estate is prime real estate country but these condos are more than easily affordable for most with an estimated mortgage value of just $1,000 per month.

The kitchen area in the condos is very large indeed with more than enough space for cooking and even using part of the kitchen area for dining too. Luxury condos come at a higher price in Cambridge MA real estate; a fabulous one-bedroom property is available right this minute for under half a million in the Kendal Sq. vicinity. The available amenities to residents include a multi-bench workout gym room, tennis courts and a small swimming pool with a laundry service attached.  

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