Saturday, July 28, 2012

Gold Eagle Coins: The Benefits

With the current instability of global market conditions in modern society, investments in precious metals have become increasingly more appealing as an investment option. This is particularly true when one is looking to diversify their portfolio to safeguard against unforeseen market conditions that otherwise affect stocks and bonds more dramatically. When it comes to choosing which metal is best, gold clearly rises to the top of the list. The most common forms for purchase are to buy gold in bullion bars or coins. Increasingly, purchasing Gold Eagle Coins offers protection and liquidity options other metals lack. When you buy American Gold Eagle coins, resale and profit opportunities exist for both the investor and the collector markets, thereby covering a broader spectrum for potential returns.

Primary Benefits of Gold

One of the greatest benefits of purchasing a precious metal in any form is that it guards against inflation. Historically, precious metals experience less price fluctuation than other investment products. In particular, since gold has been a standard against which many currencies are founded, its reliability in preserving worth is nearly foolproof. While it can increase and/or decrease in value, it provides a grounding mechanism that other metals lack. Even when de-linked from currencies, gold is a good bet guarding against the rise and fall of prices.

As a financial stabilizer then, gold offers a diversified portfolio greater protection much like insurance would. This is true for both large and small investors. What’s more, since gold eagle coins can be sold or traded to more than one buying group, they offer unique market opportunities other metals (or coins) lack. Since there is some difference between investing and collecting, each buying group provides added value potential as a source for profit-seeking.

The Gold Eagle Coin as Art

As an artistic creation, the gold eagle coin has a stunning design and has long been a favorite among both collectors and investors alike. Originally designed by American sculptor, Augustus Saint-Gaudens, the coin represents what America is most known for; its freedom. Each side shows off different icons, one side revealing a rendition of a walking lady liberty and the other side, a glorious golden eagle in flight, as rendered by Miley Busiek. The 22-karot gold artwork details Saint-Gaudens’ imprinted original artwork while maintaining its status as a solid investment.

Liquidity and Profit

When you buy American Gold Eagle coins, profit margins are healthy whether one sells quickly or stores them until gold’s value increases over time. Coins can be purchased through reputable dealers or online brokers. In fact, more and more investors and collectors are turning to online sources to buy and/or sell since the United States government offers purity, gold content and coin weight guarantees, making conversation convenient, easy and safe.


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