Saturday, July 28, 2012

MA & Boston Wedding Photographers - How to Look your Best in Wedding Photos

Whether it's your big day or you are simply part of the bridal party for someone else, when it comes time for the wedding photos there are a few tips that you can follow to ensure that the special day is recorded in the most flattering way possible.

One of the first steps is to of course choose the best MA wedding photographers by checking references and looking carefully through their portfolio. Yet on the big day, whether the wedding is in Boston or in smaller areas such as Cape Cod or Amherst, you must think about how to position yourself in the most flattering light.

To get started, you should think about your angles. The best MA & Boston wedding photographers will direct you into various poses, particularly in group shots. Think about the most flattering photos that you have seen of celebrities. In many cases, they put their weight on the back foot while rotating with their hips away from the camera, with one hand on the hip. If you mimic this pose, you can shave off a few pounds in front of the camera. Another thing to remember is to try and act natural, even when you are standing in an awkward pose. Try and relax your face as much as possible, closing and opening your eyes for a fresh look at the camera.

Makeup can make or break your wedding photographs, as any top photographer can tell you. One of the biggest mistakes that many bridal parties make is applying too much self-tanner. The camera picks up these orange tones and intensifies them, making everyone look intensely orange. Avoid the self tanner and bronzer if you can, as well as any glittery forms of makeup that will reflect the light and make you look sweaty.

Finally, to get the best wedding photographs, simply enjoy yourself when at the wedding. When everyone is smiling genuinely or actually laughing rather than faking it, the photographs will reflect that and create more positive memories.

Good wedding photographers will try to take flattering candid shots for this reason, because they show the guests enjoying themselves without trying too hard to look good in front of the camera. If it's your big day, try to relax and put yourself in the expert hands of your photographer, so that you will be able to create those picture perfect memories.

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