Saturday, July 28, 2012

Yoga Clothes

If you are serious about yoga then you will need to don yourself with some suitable yoga clothes to practice with. Yoga clothes for woman can be bought by brand name. It is the same for men too; trousers and pants can be bought in a variety of designs and shapes or sizes. Yoga clothes usually come with agile pants or trousers that have a long split or cutting which starts at the ankle and splits all the way up to the knee.

The loose-fitting agility pants are the cornerstone of yoga clothes and loosely fitted garments ideal for any yoga position. Yoga enthusiasts need to wear yoga clothes that will not restrict them when they perform some of the difficult yoga moves and positions. Some yoga clothes are not split at the bottom, like the agility pants or trousers. Leggings are soft and highly expandable and will not restrict the legs from attaining the required yoga position.

Many of the yoga clothes for sale will come with a neat and stylish Tibetan culture print on them. Ladies prefer to wear the yoga bamboo style leggings which are cropped and in a drape fashion and finish at the knee. Other leggings which are very popular with the ladies include the loose-fitting yoga pants which are hand-crafted and tailored in a bootleg design.

Yoga clothes for men come in a design that can be a T-shirt finished with a Tibetan or Medtronic design or logo. Also popular for men are the sleeveless tee shirts and vest designs. Yoga clothes for men also include a zip-up hoodie which can be ideal in cooler classes when the winter sets in.

Yoga clothes are usually designed to be loose fitting and comfortable. It is a known fact that in yoga many stretches and positions are undertaken and a restrictive cloth can be a hindrance if worn too tightly when stretching in yoga classes.

Capri pants are also a very popular item used by women in yoga clothes ranges. Most come with a small design or logo imprinted on the ankle or around the Achilles area of the leg. The most popular colours worn by women, when they are in yoga clothes and wearing their Capri pants or agility pants, are red, blue, green and black. Men prefer wearing blue, black or white. Yoga clothes are also popular in white when designs or logos are present.

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