Wednesday, August 22, 2012

5 Most Amazing Photo Effects to Create a True Masterpiece

When you think that you are a good photographer, ask yourself whether you can edit photo. There are people who like to make experiments and pay with funny photo effects. So, how to make your photo unusual? Are there any creative and amazing photo effects?

An extraordinary frame. It can be a thematic frame for a child or sweethearts. You can easily find lots of them on the Internet. You can also create your own frames with the help of special programs.

Effect of water. This is a great idea for summer photos, for instance - beach, sand, umbrellas and you standing near the moving sea. It will look so natural and lively!

Photomontage. This method has been widely used for recent decades by professionals and amateurs. Don’t worry if you are a failure for the first time. You can also try to edit online with the help of different programs providing free effects. It is also good to download them to your PC.

Try ACDSee, 3D Max, Corel PainterX, Adobe Photoshop Lightroom, etc. When you make a new photo, edit it with the help of these magic tools.

The effect of an old photo. This is really a good way to make your pictures differ from others. You can easily create a photo of 80s or 60s. When you dress in the attire of that time and just make a photo, it might look unnatural. Add the effect of the past, and you’ll see that it looks superb.

Black & white pictures. This is a separate art of creating masterworks with the help of two simple colors and hundreds of their tones and shades. Using this technique you will get amazing photos of the highest quality.

The adeptness of turning common photos into something far-out needs talent and wish to compose beautiful things, so don’t be afraid to risk by creating unconventional images.

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