Thursday, August 2, 2012

Apple and Google News from Digitalia

Working in the news industry requires a fundamental activity in finding the best resources to analyze. In the tech industry, this is especially important since Apple and Google are releasing every day a big amount of datas, and the news are many times an insight from someone working there.

This is where Notizie Apple come Digitalia comes in mind and it is important, because it is a source to look at and to understand the best way the tech industry.

Apple, Google, Amazon are becoming more and more the big players in this industry, and so it is important for them to have someone explaining to the general public what will be important in the next 24 months. is a podcast all about this things, with a crew of experts going 24/7 in the search for important and interesting news. The base is in Italy, and this is important since there aren’t many source of this quality in Europe. iTunes gave Digitalia the home page for 2 weeks in the podcast section of its store, so the quality is also recognized by Apple as well.

To understand this economy, Digitalia can be the ultimate podcast and it would greatly help in the knowledge of our society. You should give it a try, and you won’t be disappointed. Franco, Massimo, Giulio and Michele are the hosts behind the scenes, and they are always available to discuss interesting stuff about tech. is the leader in the podcast industry and it provides the best analysis on the market to understand the surroundings in the tech world.

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