Sunday, November 25, 2012

How to Use Affirmations in Your Daily Life

I remember when I started using affirmations; I had been having some trouble in college with some of my assessments. I only seemed to be having trouble with practical assessments not written ones.  One of my course tutors suggested that I might have a self esteem issue. 

She came to that conclusion when she observed one of my practicals. She said that I was visibly shaking and that I looked very nervous even terrified during the exam.   She said that in her opinion this was affecting how I scored in these tests, and that I should talk to a friend of hers that specialised in helping people with self esteem issues. 

So I made an appointment and talked to her friend.  This lady was great, she told me about the use of affirmations, and how I needed to focus on my desired outcome.  She said it was important that I write my affirmations always in the present tense, and that I recite my affirmations several times a day over and over. 

She instructed me that it is of great importance to have a feeling of happiness and joy as you recite your affirmations, and to feel those feelings of joy that you would experience when you had achieved your goal.

I diligently followed her guidelines and came up with 5 affirmations that I would recite to myself over and over as I drove to college/work, at lunch time and before bedtime, and any spare time I had during the day. However, I was instructed to include them into my routine at least three times a day. 

I have to say the results were remarkable; I aced my next practical assessment and flew through my finals without any problem.  The power of the constant use of affirmations had completely worked for me and continues to work for me in all aspects of my life.  So what about you? How can you use affirmations to improve your life?

Well here are some of my tips:

1.)        Always write you affirmations in the present tense for example:
“I am so happy and grateful now that money is flowing easily into my life!”
“I am so grateful that I am successful in all that I do!”
“Everything I touch becomes a success!”
“I am a Money Magnet!”
“I work for the most wonderful Boss!”

2.)        Aim to keep your affirmations Short and Sweet!  This is something that I believe is necessary as keeps your affirmations crisp and easy to include into your Daily routine:
“I have a wonderful and loving husband!”
“I have a wonderful new job that utilises all of my talents!”
“Money flows into my life quickly and easily!”

3.)        I also believe (as this has worked for me), to focus on one area of your life at a time.  So if want to attract money just focus on wealth affirmations to begin with.  And as you begin to see the changes that will happen in this area of your life, with constant use of affirmations and positive happy attitude.  Don’t stop! 

It is important to keep going, keep using your affirmations until you have completely healed your attitude to money.  Again this is what works for me, so feel free to experiment.  The main thing is to keep using the affirmations and keep feeling joy, and believe me your life will change for the better!

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