Sunday, December 2, 2012

U.S. Financial Collapse in 2013

What do economist Max Keiser and investor Peter Schiff have in common besides keeping a keen eye on the US economy? Both predicted a possible US financial collapse by the year 2013 which will last for several years in the future. At this day and age when everything is a financial struggle there is somehow a huge probability that this impending financial collapse could happen. Both want us to notice the signs all around us. The two financial experts want each of us to prepare and to take this short amount of time to check how far we all are in preparing for our personal and family’s future.

Max Keiser is also a television show host and has been studying and reporting on local and international economy. He has made predictions regarding the downfall of the country’s economic system through the use of several mathematical laws. Even the Congressional Budget Office cited his prediction in August 2012 as Keiser described a sort of “fiscal tightening”. He explained in August that the possible collapse could happen anytime between August to April. To a regular guy, Keiser is talking all mumbo jumbo but he said that he simply looks at the local and global economy as a systems analyst would look at any problem; it’s clear that the US is headed for a huge upset and everyone should pay heed.

Peter Schiff on the other hand is predicting a US dollar and bond crises that will happen over the next two years. He is quick to blame the movement of bond markets where the current trend is excessively low. He describes the upcoming collapse to surpass the 2008-2009 financial crises. Schiff who also runs Euro Pacific Capital, further mentions that recent behavior or the bond market is already supporting his claims; he expects a terrible crash over the next two to three years due to bond market difficulties and US dollar depreciation. This situation worsens as the government’s debt increases. Schiff ends his predictions with a simple advice and that is to start investing as soon as you can.

It’s just days before 2013 and how far are we really into preparing for this impending financial collapse? Have we considered investing? How far you in your mortgage payments? Have you saved for your son’s college? How secure is your current job? Next year could be a frightening year for all of us if this financial collapse should happen. And as Keiser mentions in one of his shows: “There is no avoiding the collapse. There is no remedy for the collapse.”

The future looks grim with civil unrest and possible civil war looming in the horizon. Federal laws to deploy military troops in the case of an economic collapse will be enacted with the devastated economy looking very hard to resuscitate. Understanding the possible root cause of the problem is Shiff’s advice; learning all about the cause of previous economic collapses will help us understand the “big one” that is about to come very soon.

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