Thursday, January 16, 2014

Understanding the Role of an HR Professional by Madeline McGartlin

So you want to be an HR professional? This career path provides limitless opportunities for growth, professional development, and fun. It’s a challenging journey, but it’s certainly one that’s worth it.

Meet Madeline McGartlin has dedicated her life to human resources and is a talented and well-recognized recruiter in Austin, Texas. In fact, she was recognized as her company’s number one recruiter in Texas in 2007, and the company’s fifth recruiter overall. Earning her PHR certification from the University of Texas in 2005, Madeline McGartlin has experienced incredible success as an HR professional. Below, she shares some of her tips.

What Exactly is an HR Professional?

Madeline McGartlin encourages everyone to consider what their career path will entail. “A lot of people don’t always have an idea what it means to be an HR professional,” says Madeline McGartlin. “It can mean a lot of things. After all, there are many responsibilities that fall under the umbrella of the HR department.”

Still, the role of HR can be summarized in a single sentence: to serve as a single point of contact for internal individuals. Madeline McGartlin says,“When you understand that HR is all about helping other people, specifically those within your organization, then you are able to embrace a very important element needed to succeed: service.”

Indeed, it’s very clear that Madeline McGartlin is passionate about service and helping others succeed. Even outside of her professional endeavors, Madeline McGartlin is extremely involved in the greater community, as she volunteers with both MADD and Ballet Austin Guild.

What Does it Take to Succeed?

Passion. “You have to have passion to succeed in HR,” says Madeline McGartlin. “Not just passion for your organization, but a passion to help your fellow teammates succeed.” Throughout her career, Madeline McGartlin has served in many facets of HR. She’s worked recruiting, payroll, employee development, and much more.

“If you don’t understand the role of HR, then all of these facets seem like random responsibilities,” says Madeline McGartlin. “But when you remember that it’s all about serving the internal client, then it’s easy to do your job and succeed. You always should remember the end goal.”

Madeline McGartlin also encourages HR professionals to stay grounded. “I have spent many years working as a recruiter and looking at impressive resumes. Recruiting, developing talent, and evolving to meet the job are all essential parts of exceeding in human resources,” says Madeline McGartlin. But recruiters must see the candidate beyond the resume and embrace the industry’s technology driven changes to succeed.

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