Tuesday, January 21, 2014

YouType Keyboard Has Launched

YouType is a new application for Android that replaces your device's screen keyboard and allows you to type faster and easier in a way that is always new. YouType is an efficient and fun keyboard that improves user experience thanks to an innovative design.
The combination of a good font, a simplified design and the many studies and user tests that we have done, have contributed to the creation of a keyboard that provides a simple, fun, and better way of typing.
YouType is full of different designs, made to please all users. The beautiful designs go along with great, innovative functions. A swipe function allows you to quickly change the skin of your keyboard simply by swiping your finger across the bottom of the keyboard UI.
YouType is also the first keyboard for Android that allows you, with the Swipe Selection function, to move the cursor by simply dragging your finger over the keyboard UI. You can also move the cursor and make a selection by holding down shift while swiping. Once a selection has been made, a very useful pop-up window will appear on the screen allowing you to copy, cut, or paste the selected text.
Lastly, YouType will be the first keyboard to launch a Color-Wheel function which will allow users to customize their keyboard even more by choosing among thousands of colors. New designs and themes will be also available later on this spring.
You can buy YouType on Google Play. There, you will also find YouType - Black, which has the same features of the Flat version but a much more elegant and unique style. It also allows you to change the style of your font from Thin to Bold with a simple swipe.

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